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A healthcare staffing agency can ensure that your staff and patients receive the support they need during vacations and times of increased demand.

Top Benefits of a Healthcare Staffing Agency That May Surprise You

Have you heard of locum tenens healthcare staff? Also known as travel professionals, a locum tenens is someone (in this case a medical practitioner) who …

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A traveling Radiation Therapist can help your clinic manage its patient load and deliver services more efficiently.

5 Ways That a Traveling Radiation Therapist Can Support Your Facility

Radiation Therapists play a critical role at your facility. By using ionizing radiation to treat diseases like cancer, they are an important part of your …

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If you’re wondering how to become a traveling ultrasound tech, this blog provides the details you’re looking for!

What is a Traveling Ultrasound Tech and How Do I Become One?

At one time, your career as an ultrasound tech would have been fairly linear. After graduation, you went to work at a hospital, clinic, or …

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ProMed HR Solutions explains how hiring a locum keeps you covered during staff absences.

Holidays? Sick Days? How Hiring a Locum Keeps You Covered

Schedules can be pretty tight in a healthcare setting. If you’re even one person short, it can cause a backlog and all the associated hassle: …

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Learn about the travel x-ray tech jobs available at ProMed HR Solutions.

Travel X-Ray Tech Jobs: Your Options Explained

If you are searching for travel x-ray tech jobs, you may be surprised by the opportunities you find. The use of travel healthcare staffing has …

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Medical contract staffing can help you grow your facility’s patient base and increase your revenue.

How Medical Contract Staffing Can Increase Revenue

Did you know that medical contract staffing can boost your revenue? Healthcare is one industry where you can’t afford to be short-staffed. The demand is …

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