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If you are a locum, you can find ways to celebrate the holidays while traveling.

6 Inspiring Ways to Celebrate the Holidays While Traveling

There’s a lot to love about traveling as part of your job. When you’re a locum Physiotherapist or locum Medical Imaging Technologist, you have the …

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The locum opportunities outside urban areas can provide you with a sense of making a difference.

Locum Opportunities in Underserved, Rural, and Remote Locations

When you started your career as a physiotherapist or medical imaging technologist, you may have imagined yourself working in a large and exciting city like …

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Being a travel MRI tech allows you to travel the world while practicing a career you love.

Why Being a Travel MRI Tech Can Be a Great Career Move

You know why you love being an MRI technologist. Not only do you get to help people by playing an important role in obtaining the …

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When you’re self-employed, you’re responsible for certain locum tenens health insurance.

Locum Tenens Health Insurance: What You Need to Know

Making the transition from employee to self-employed can be exhilarating, especially if you’re an MRI technologist, physiotherapist, or other healthcare professional in hot demand. As …

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A healthcare staffing agency can ensure that your staff and patients receive the support they need during vacations and times of increased demand., health care staffing, healthcare staffing agency, healthcare staffing agencies, health care Jobs Canada, health care Careers Canada

Top Benefits of a Healthcare Staffing Agency That May Surprise You

Have you heard of locum tenens healthcare staff? Also known as travel professionals, a locum tenens is someone (in this case a medical practitioner) who …

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A traveling Radiation Therapist can help your clinic manage its patient load and deliver services more efficiently.

5 Ways That a Traveling Radiation Therapist Can Support Your Facility

Radiation Therapists play a critical role at your facility. By using ionizing radiation to treat diseases like cancer, they are an important part of your …

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