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Not only do you get to explore new places and meet incredible people, but you also earn top-tier pay for your expertise and dedication.

 We believe in rewarding talent, which is why our compensation rates are above market standards. With us, you’re not just working; you’re thriving, having fun, and making a real impact.

Join us for an experience that blends professional growth with the thrill of discovery and the joy of adventure, all while enjoying the financial rewards you deserve!

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    Interested in being part of the solution?

    Prefer to give us a call? +1(833) 776-6336
    Have a question? Please check out our FAQs section. In order to find the right locum opportunities for you, please provide us with some initial details in the form below.

      Frequently asked questions about becoming a locum specialist.

      Contracts with hospitals vary wildly, from a few weeks to many months (or longer).

      When you sign a contract with ProMed, you are not actually committing to a specific number of
      weeks. We will send out emails that align with a Technologists’ modality, skill set, etc with dates
      that require coverage, and then work with the Technologist and their schedule to try and find
      something that accommodates everyone.

      We typically ask for a minimum of two weeks in a row for a locum, due to travel expenses. In some scenarios, we will look at less than a two week commitment.

      We usually have a minimum of 8hrs paid ( 8.5hrs worked) per day. Occasionally, we can arrange
      for longer days, as long as all parties agree to it and the facility has support staff available to
      facilitate outside the regular hours.

      At ProMed, we do not demand that the Technologists work longer days, but many individuals
      find it in their best interest to maximize their time on site

      We pay hourly. Paying by the number of patient’s scanned is unsafe and unethical.
      Also – for Sonographers, violating the Sonography Canada Code of Ethics also negates the liability Insurance they carry, thereby putting them at an increased risk of litigation without the access to the Sonography Canada Insurance pool.

      We use an app called Minute7. You input the number of hours that you’ve worked, number of patients you scanned, etc. into the app.

      This information is sent to our office and every 2 weeks the system releases the hours for payment.

      Funds are directly deposited into your bank account.

      As a contractor with ProMed you are considered self employed and you will receive all your income for each locum worked without taxes or CPP/EI being withheld.

      ProMed will issue a T4A annually with your full accumulated income for the calendar year as business income on your annual tax return.

      You may be able to deduct other business expenses against this income but will need to consult with your own accountant to plan for your taxes accordingly including tax installments. If you have direct client approved expenses on a locum this is not considered income as you will get reimbursed for these expenses.

      As noted above, we don’t provide benefits as most Technologists already have benefits through other institutions. This allows us to pay you the full hourly rate.

      ProMed HR Solutions requires that all Technologists carry their own Liability Insurance. This can be purchased through the Governing body ( Sonography Canada, CAMRT, etc) or through your own insurance broker.

      This insurance is mandatory and we cannot send out a technologist who does not have their own liability insurance.