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6 Inspiring Ways to Celebrate the Holidays While Traveling

If you are a locum, you can find ways to celebrate the holidays while traveling.

There’s a lot to love about traveling as part of your job. When you’re a locum Physiotherapist or locum Medical Imaging Technologist, you have the opportunity to see parts of Canada that you might never have visited otherwise. 

The one potential drawback is being away for the holidays. Your family could be celebrating Christmas or Hanukkah in British Columbia while you’re filling in for a Sonographer on parental leave in Ontario. How can you celebrate the holidays while traveling? We’ve put together this list of ways that you can enjoy the December holidays with your loved ones, no matter how many miles are between you.

1. Acknowledge How You’re Feeling

Canadian healthcare workers are no stranger to working during the holidays, especially since the pandemic began. However, that doesn’t make it easier. When we’re away for the holidays, we can experience a variety of difficult emotions when we’re not back home participating in cherished traditions. Allow yourself to feel sadness and grief for the holidays you would rather be having. Acknowledging these feelings makes it easier to process them and puts you in a better frame of mind when you celebrate the holidays while traveling.

2. Send Holiday Cards!

Yes, most communications are digital these days, including holiday cards. This is why sending traditional paper cards will make a more meaningful impact. If there are any cards featuring local attractions, you can use them to send your love and show friends and family where you live. Rather than sending typical holiday greetings, consider including a few details about your family’s activities this year, along with some warm wishes. 

Even if you’ve never been one for sending cards, consider doing so this year to those you won’t be seeing over the holidays. You don’t have to spend a fortune on your cards – homemade cards are also great! The message inside is what matters most. You can also send e-cards if postage fees or postal delays are a concern, but be sure to make the message extra-personal.  

3. Send Gifts Weeks in Advance

While presents aren’t the most important part of the holidays, they add a celebratory touch and strengthen your connection with loved ones when you’re away. The holidays can be chaotic when it comes to shipping, though, so order them online (most e-tailers offer gift wrap) or buy and ship all presents as soon as possible.

Another option is to send digital gifts that they can open when you’re all online together. Ideas include:

  • E-gift cards to their favourite store.
  • Gift cards for music downloads, like iTunes or Spotify
  • Monthly subscription boxes that revive the joy and excitement each month. You can get subscriptions for anything from plants and candles to snacks and socks!

Even when you celebrate the holidays while traveling, thoughtful gift choices will ensure that the celebration connects you with loved ones no matter where they are.

4. Make Meaningful Holiday Gestures

Even if your loved ones aren’t physically present with you this year, you can still include them in your holiday activities. For example:

  • Make your grandmother’s famous ginger cookies, take pictures of the finished product, and share with friends and family on Facebook or Instagram.
  • Do a live FaceTime/Zoom video stream of yourself opening the gifts you’ve received from everyone. You can make it a community celebration by having them open their own presents from you on camera.
  • Participate in a virtual holiday dinner!

This year, many holiday traditions are taking place virtually, as easing of travel restrictions means that more people celebrate the holidays while traveling. Why not include your whole extended family, including those in other provinces or even countries? To celebrate together, invite everyone to a Zoom call. It might get loud and chaotic, but family get-togethers are fun like that!

5. Attend a Holiday Service Together Online

If your family is religious, consider attending an online service together, just as you would if you were spending the holiday together. Many churches, synagogues, and other places of worship started broadcasting their services during the pandemic and have continued the practice even after restrictions on indoor gatherings were loosened.

If you have elderly loved ones, make sure they understand how to access the broadcast ahead of time. If necessary, see if a family member can provide direct assistance. Your grandparents would probably love to attend a religious service with you once again, even if you’re on the other side of Canada!

6. Arrange a Food Delivery 

If your household is a smaller one, why not send your family a holiday dinner as well as your love? Many restaurants and grocery stores are making complete holiday dinners available for delivery- all the recipient has to do is warm everything up! 

If a complete dinner isn’t an option for some reason, you can still arrange delivery of favourite festive foods like cookies, cakes, and pies. What matters most is that your family knows you’re thinking of them.

Remember to Stay Connected Once the Holidays Are Over!

Many of us have probably experienced a bit of melancholy at the end of the holiday season. We wait for weeks to celebrate with our friends and family, and it’s sad when the festivities are over. When you’re miles away, the feelings can be even more intense, so make plans to connect via Zoom on New Year’s Eve or New Year’s Day and on a regular basis afterward. 

Although you won’t always celebrate the holidays while traveling, traveling is a major part of being a locum Physiotherapist or Medical Imaging Technologist, and maintaining that connection with loved ones can help you overcome any intermittent loneliness that arises. By making healthcare services available to a wider range of patients, you’re doing invaluable work, and taking care of your personal connections while you’re on the road can make you even better at it.

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If you’re a Physiotherapist or Medical Imaging Technologist who loves to travel and make a difference, ProMed HR Solutions has opportunities available across Canada. Healthcare services are in constant demand even during the holiday season, and you can play a critical role in keeping those services available when regular staff are away. To learn more about who we are and what we can do for you, please visit or call (833) 776-6336. 

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